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How To Disable MySQL Validate Password Plugin on VestaCP CentOS 7


This tutorial will guide you on how to disable MySQL Validate Password Plugin on VestaCP CentOS 7. The MySQL validate password plugin is intended to improve security on the MySQL database server by requiring an account password and enabling strength testing for potential passwords. This plugin has also a set of system variables that allow us to configure password policy.

As we know that the default database server on VestaCP with CentOS 7 is MariaDB 5.5. When we replace MariaDB 5.5 with MySQL 5.7 on VestaCP CentOS 7 we get a serious problem. The main problem is the user database password generated by VestaCP >> DB can’t be used to login to phpMyAdmin. The easiest solution is to disable the MySQL Validate Password Plugin via SQL command line in the SSH terminal.

1.) Login to the SSH terminal with root privileges, then run the following command to login to your MySQL 5.7 database server:

$ mysql -u root -p

2.) After that, run the following SQL command to disable the password validation plugin.

$ mysql> uninstall plugin validate_password;
$ mysql> quit
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