How To Install Jenkins on CentOS 8 Stream

On today’s tutorial I will guide you step by step on how to install Jenkins on CentOS 8 Stream. Jenkins is a free, open-source platform for automate the system which support for CI/CD development (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) of software on a certain scale. … Read more

How to Install build-essentials in CentOS or Ubuntu

Installing build-essential in Ubuntu or CentOS

Linux is an operating system suited for software development. In Linux, you can build and run various software written in different languages, such as C, C++, Python, and Java. However, in default, mainstream Linux distributions do not bundle development tools – they have to be … Read more

Setup and Configure CentOS TFTP Server

Setup TFTP server in CentOS

CentOS is a versatile Linux distribution that allows you to install various applications, covering a lot of your needs. One of the niches that CentOS covers nicely is to be a server, particularly TFTP server. What is TFTP, and how is it different from a … Read more

Installing VMware Tools in CentOS 7, The Complete Guide

How to install VMware Tools in CentOS 7

Nowadays, the use of virtual machines is widespread as virtualization allows you to run more than one operating system on one computer at the same time. One of the most popular hypervisors to run virtual machine is VMware. With VMware Workstation, you can install various … Read more

Creating a New Sudo User on CentOS 8, The Easy Way

Centos 8

Most of Linux users are already familiar with the sudo command available from the terminal. The sudo command allows user able to run programs or commands with administrator privileges – usually can only be run by root user. If you ever need to add a … Read more

How To Install and Setup PHP 7.4 on CentOS 7

The latest stable version of PHP 7.4.0 has been released to the public a few days ago and brings many improvements, as well as new features. It’s generally available for public since November 28 2019, so we can safely use PHP 7.4 on our server. … Read more

How To Install PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 on CentOS 7

Using an obsolete PHP version is clearly not recommended, especially for a web hosting environment. However, in some cases you might encounter compatibility issues with your web software system requirements with a PHP version you’re using, which ultimately requires you to use an older PHP7 … Read more

How To Install Nginx, PHP7.3-FPM and MariaDB 10.4 on CentOS 7

If you’ve read our previous tutorials, you should understand how to install and setup the LEMP stack on the Ubuntu LTS server. Installing the LEMP stack on the Ubuntu LTS and CentOS servers is very different. Well, in this tutorial we will guide you on … Read more

How To Install and Configure PHP 7.3 on CentOS 7

PHP 7.1 will reach its end-of-life (EOL) in the next 11 days. The official PHP site says that they only provide security support for PHP 7.1 until December 1, 2019. So, the latest stable PHP version currently is PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3. According to … Read more