How is SSH Different from Telnet?

SSH vs Telnet

If you have used Linux or other Unix-based operating systems (like FreeBSD or Mac OS X), you might be familiar with SSH, Telnet, or both. They are used for accessing systems remotely through the command line interface (CLI). Although they are often used interchangeably, they … Read more

How To Setup Memcached on cPanel-WHM

This tutorial will guide you on how to setup and configure memcached on cPanel-WHM. Setting up memcached and memcache PHP extensions on cPanel-WHM is very easy. Simply add EasyApache4 (EA4) Experimental Repository in order to install memcached. Unfortunately, both memcached and memcache RPMs are still … Read more

How To Install ionCube Loader on VestaCP

This guide will help you to install and configure ionCube Loader PHP Extension on VestaCP. You can use this tutorial properly on all Linux distributions supported by VestaCP, including RHEL/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu. ionCube Loader is a PHP extension that allows PHP to load encoded and … Read more

How To Install CSF Firewall on VestaCP (RHEL/CentOS & Debian/Ubuntu)

VestaCP has a built-in default firewall with iptables and fail2ban. You will find it when you run VestaCP with Linux operating systems including RHEL and CentOS. However, we can exclude iptables and fail2ban in the VestaCP installation command script (ADVANCED INSTALL SETTINGS). Instead, we can … Read more

How To Update Apache 2.4 Web Server (HTTPD) on VestaCP CentOS 7

As an open source and completely free control panel, VestaCP comes with a variety of web server options including Apache, Nginx + PHP-FPM, and Apache + Nginx as reverse proxy. Unfortunately, if we run VestaCP on CentOS 7+ we will get an obsolete Apache 2.4.6 … Read more